We are equipped to advise you across all your investments

Our expertise and skills deliver sound strategic decision making across all your investments to give you reliable and trusted advice when you need it.


You may have a stockbroker or wealth manager to look after your investment portfolio, or you might look after them yourself or you may even earn stock options as part of your employment - whatever the scenario, we can help you through the maze of rules to ensure the income you have earned from your investments is correctly disclosed on your tax return.


At Haggards Crowther, our team of accountants are equipped to advise you across all your investments - here are just a few examples of the areas we regularly advise on:

  • UK bank interest usually has tax at 20% deducted at source, however in some cases, no tax is deducted.
  • Overseas dividends and the ability to offset withholding tax suffered.
  • Investments you have made that qualify for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) relief
  • Stocks and shares held in a trust of which you are a beneficiary.
  • Using your annual Capital Gains Tax allowance to its best.
  • Making best use of capital losses, and identifying situations where a capital loss may be offset against income.


If you already have someone managing your investment portfolio like a stockbroker or wealth manager, we can arrange to meet with them to discuss your affairs and establish a line of communication direct with them. As a result we will be able to liaise directly with them to collect documents and information such as year end investment data needed for your tax return and advise on the tax implications of any decisions you might be considering.

To find out how we can help you make the most of your investments

Tax Planning

We will assist in strategic decision making, advising you as to the tax efficiency which can be derived from gifting shares to your spouse or any tax you should expect to pay when considering selling a large part of your portfolio, in addition to helping you to plan for the future with Inheritance Tax Planning.

"I have worked with Terry Smith for a number of years and always find him to be incredibly knowledgeable and happy to help. Our working relationship is so refreshing that it often feels like he is a part of our company... "

Mr G, Cobham, Surrey