For peace of mind, you can trust Haggards Crowther to get it right on time

Whatever level of involvement your business needs, we have options available for you.


We have a specialist team that look after clients that need assistance with their VAT returns.

We are here to help and advise you when you need it most. As with all of our business support accountancy services, we have a number of options available to suit your budget and to your existing resources:

If you maintain your books and records in-house, we can review activity in the quarter, commenting and advising on any matters that arise. Then either you prepare and submit the VAT return, or we can do it for you.

Use us to maintain your books and records. We will carry out data processing and prepare and submit the VAT return for you. This service is usually used by smaller clients who do not require a full bookkeeping service.

Our smallest clients (those with sales before adding VAT of less than £150,000 per annum) have access to a VAT scheme called the Flat Rate Scheme. If your business is a member of this scheme, it makes the preparation of VAT returns more straight- forward. Again, we can prepare and submit the VAT returns for you, or review the work you have done before you submit it to HMRC.


In general, registration for VAT is required when your business' sales hit £83,000 in any 12 month period but does not apply in some specific circumstances i.e. a small number of trades are exempt, or if you sell to customers outside the EU, but it is the norm. We can advise you as to whether you fall into the group who do not need to register for VAT with confidence, which comes from our knowledge.

Some businesses may elect to register for VAT before they are legally required to and we can advise you too on the pros and cons of this approach.


The Flat Rate Scheme was set up by HM Revenue & Customs to make VAT compliance easier for smaller businesses (those with sales per annum of less than £150,000 before adding VAT). Our team at Haggards Crowther can help you decide whether you qualify for the scheme and whether registration will be a benefit to you. 


HMRC have introduced harsh and rigidly enforced surcharges for late filing and late payment, which increase if it has been less than 12 months since a filing or a payment was last late.

We are on the ball; our efficient processes and experienced staff will do all they can to make sure submissions are made on time. That just leaves the payment…but that bit is down to you!


Contact us now to find out how our processes and services can help you stay ahead of HMRC’s deadlines by calling 020 7384 0920.

"I met with a number of local accountants before appointing Haggards and none of them brought to my attention the complex variety tax strategies that Terry Smith was talking about. He made it sound so simple and I felt assured that my tax affairs were safely in his hands. Four years on and I am still impressed with his knowledge and professionalism".