• Haggards Crowther in Africa

    Haggards Crowther in Africa

    For some time we have been a keen supporter and sponsor of Barnes Rugby Football Club, and were delighted when we recently learnt of a rugby based initiative which the club is connected with. Our association with Barnes RFC is a long one stretching back over 20 years, to when Tim Haggard played for the club. We are now a Platinum Sponsor, helping to provide ongoing support for the club and its players, as well as acting as its accountant.
    The Chairman of the Barnes RFC, Michael Whitfield, is also a Trustee of a charity called The Atlas Foundation, which ...

  • SME Tax Investigations

    For most companies the prospect of a tax inspection, however minor, will always create alarm. Yet recent reports suggest that one in ten small businesses are now facing investigation by HMRC; which equates to half a million SMEs across the UK. This is a surprising, and somewhat worrying, statistic.

    The argument for targeting small businesses in this way has come about following a total of £34 billion in unpaid tax faced by the Revenue in 2015-16. Following a report to the Treasury Select Committee, HMRC stated that small businesses contributed 46 percent of this tax ‘gap’, which has somewhat prompted ...

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